Science deans plan for a new BSc

The Australian Council of Deans of Science commits to “reconceptualising” the bachelor of science as part its new strategic plan.

The deans also intend to, “enable a more diverse range of career paths” for science PhDs and “develop future leaders in science innovation.”

The strategy includes core aspirations, encouraging government to recognise the full cost of research and raising “the profile of research-led teaching.”

However, there is also an apparent acceptance, unless it is acquiescence,  of the Commonwealth Government’s new focus on applied research, with one of the dean’s four goals being, “to advocate for sustainable research excellence and research translation, for the benefit of industry and the community, and to enhance Australia’s sovereign capability”

The ACDS intent for a reconceptualised BSc is for degrees that are “contemporary, embrace diversity and meet the needs of students and their career aspirations (and) their future employers.” The council nominates priority areas, work integrated learning, Year 12 prereqs and “the role of educating focused academics.”