Schools first on agenda as Clare calls in the experts

Education Minister Jason Clare announces the teacher shortage will lead a minco

When education ministers meet on August 12 the first half of the agenda will be a teacher shortage roundtable, with principals, teachers and education experts participating.

“Any idea that a minister in the federal parliament or state government is some sort of omniscient being that knows all the answers is rubbish. It’s silly. It’s naive. That’s why I don’t want a meeting that’s just got a bunch of pollies talking to each other. I want teachers there; I want principals there. I want the people that do this, talking to me, and talking to state ministers about what we need to do,’” Mr Clare said Friday.

The roundtable, “will be held prior to the Jobs Summit so that ideas generated can be fed into those discussions.”

Good-o, but the school-ed priority might alarm HE and VET leaders anxious for the government’s attention and while there is plenty of time for other sectors – the Summit is on September 1-2 – Mr Clare could claim that he has already consulted and consulted some more, having visited vice chancellors across the country.

AITSL here to help

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership was quick to welcome the minister’s announcement and to warn, “the solution to teacher shortages is not a quick fix, but by analysing both supply and demand, we will know the extent of the problem we are facing and can ensure fit-for-purpose solutions.”

Fortunately AITSL is on the case on one solution, “attracting qualified teachers from overseas.” “As the provider of the skills assessment services to teachers who wish to migrate to Australia, will continue to work with states and territories to maximise opportunities in this space,” AITSL advised.