School curriculum exports: the only way is up

The school sector has shared the international education pandemic pain but it has one product which should be immune to closed borders (it isn’t)

Curriculum export already happens just not much, as Peter Burgess (EdBiz Pty Ltd) and Christopher Ziguras (RMIT)  report in a new paper for the International Education Association of Australia.

Some 5500 students at 103 schools in 19 countries study an Australian curriculum – which is good, except that they estimate the global market is 5.8m students at 11 451 schools.  Overall, Australia is a net curriculum importer, with 167 schools here using the International Baccalaureate.

Part of the problem is federalism with states and territories running their own curriculum shows. But that should not be beyond solution. Burgess and Ziguras point out Canada, where provinces run schools, is a big competitor.

“A step-change is required in order to grow market share. A national strategy that promotes a coordinated and cooperative approach is needed,” they write.