RUN backs call for more support for its members

The Regional Universities Network has (and brace for this) endorsed a House of Representatives committee report which recommends; “the federal government strengthen the role of, and better support, regional universities as pivotal institutions for social and economic development in regional areas.”

The report of the Select Committee on Regional Development and Decentralisation took a great deal of evidence from regional universities leaders to conclude that higher education is tops on the Sellar and Yeatman GOOD THING scale. Beyond teaching and research, the committee reports, “regional universities drive innovation and change, connect well informed people and groups, develop local leadership and human capital, and enhance the social and cultural capital of regional towns and cities.”

RUN chair Greg Hill says this supports a role for his members in the government’s proposed “regional cities deals” and adds to the case for Member for Indi Cathy McGowan’s bill to create a regional, rural and remote education commissioner.

For a single-minded focus on their goal RUN is a policy marathon champion.


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