RMIT recruits in Queensland

Uni Queensland’s business school a happy hunting ground for Julie Cogin

Research director David Smith is moving to RMIT to become a dean. He joins Julie Cogin who was dean of business at Uni Queensland, before going to RMIT a year back to become PVC Business, (CMM February 8 2019). Professor Smith will also join former Uni Queensland colleagues, Martie-Louise Verreynn who switched to RMIT, to become PVC research and innovation in the business school (CMM October 23 2019) and strategy professor Frank Kennedy.

Professor Cogin was highly-regarded by her colleagues at Uni Queensland. She was there not much than a year before she moved to RMIT but, Uni Queensland, “got a good three years-worth of deliverables and cultural reform,”  a learned reader told CMM (February 8 2019).