RMIT quick off the blockchain

RMIT rates second in the world for teaching, research and service in this transformative technology

Industry research resource Coin Desk compares institutions working on the blockchain on a bunch of metrics of the university ranking kind.

After RMIT, UNSW rates 13th and Uni Sydney 20th., Uni Melbourne is 34th Monash U 48th, Uni Auckland is 85th, Uni Adelaide is 90th, UWA is 91st, ANU is 128th, and Uni Queensland is133rd.

There is way more to what blockchains can accomplish than crypto-currency, which RMITers have long got. “Blockchain has the potential to automate, and disintermediate, the institutions and services that underpin our lives. It could change how we interact on-line, who controls our information, and shift the incentives that guide businesses and cooperative systems,” economist Jason Potts and colleagues said in announcing the original RMIT study centre (CMM September 4 2017).

Word at RMIT is the ranking is also a win for university management, which backed researchers as they expanded into applying blockchains in utilities and the arts, for entrepreneurs and investors.

DVC (Business and Law) Julie Cogin is said to have had a bunch to do with that.