RMIT calls for volunteers to teach

The School of Science is looking for people to take classes casuals used to

“We’re currently recruiting volunteers with a high-research focus to assist with teaching, tutorials and marking in semester two. Our casual staff budget must decrease by 40 per cent in the second half of the year, so if you’re able to give your time and take some pressure off our academic staff, please contact your associate dean” the school announced late last week.

There was outrage on social media over the announcement, but RMIT says it does not mean what people think.

““We are aware of a recent communication issued by the School of Science which may have caused some confusion amongst school staff. With an aim for undisrupted learning, some members of our academic community may be requested to provide support in different areas in semester two, with a focus on learning and teaching. This communication was in no way asking people to undertake unpaid voluntary work.

“It is important to note that different programs and courses have different requirements and any individual changes to workload allocations would be undertaken directly between a staff member and their manager and in line with enterprise agreements.”

RMIT will, of course, consult with staff and unions if any major change proposals are made in future.”

Good-o, but learned readers point to the school asking for volunteers and the university response stating, “some members of our academic community may be requested to provide support …”