RMIT begins a credential blockchain

RMIT will issue students with “block-chain enabledcredentials for “industry-relevant” digital courses, including one on blockchain strategy. The university is partnering with Credly, “the end-to-end solution for creating, issuing and managing digital credentials” to provide them.

While UniMelbourne started trialling credentials on the blockchain a year back (CMM April 27 2017) RMIT is certainly a leader in researching practical applications and implications of the blockchain as a record system independent of the regulating state (CMM October 30 2017).  Jason Potts and colleagues at RMIT have a research programe at the Blockchain Innovation Hub. A new paper by Professor Potts and RMIT colleagues, Sinclair Davidson and Mikayla Novak, explores the cost of maintaining the trust between economic actors that keep countries function, estimating it accounted for 35 per cent of US employment in 2010. While they make no predictions the potential of blockchains to manage exchange of value and information cheaper and safer than traditional record system is apparent.


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