RMIT announces “not another on-line business school”

Instead, its D3 which will, “deconstruct the derivative”

D3 includes RMIT’s Blockchain Innovation Hub, Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation, Enterprise AI and Data Analytics Hub and Centre for People Organisations and Work.

It will teach short, non-award courses, which will prepare people to “deconstruct the derivative.” The first course, “Doing business in Web3” is six-weeks on-line for $A99, via FutureLearn.

It’s a title which rather understates the dazzling, daunting, prospect of D3.

As RMIT’s blockchain visionary Jason Potts puts it, “ it’s a design institute for the new era of composable economic infrastructure. For building local on-demand digital economies whenever a group of people want to come together to cooperate to create shared value”

Jason Potts talks to CMM in Expert Opinion, tomorrow