RMIT academics want to keep rooms of their own

The RMIT branch of the National Tertiary Education Union is alarmed that a building move means lecturers and senior lecturers in Global, Urban and Social Studies will lose their offices. What is worse, the union warns, this is the start of a new university-wide accommodation plan.  The comrades point out that academics use private space to write and read, talk to students and staff and to secure exam papers and research files. The NTEU adds that enterprise bargaining cannot continue while, “such a profound attack on the professionalism and wellbeing of academic staff is in the balance.” Last night, RMIT replied that it is; “working to improve the quality of office accommodation for all staff – academic and professional support – in the School of Global, Urban and Social Studies. We are undertaking a significant investment into the refurbishment and improvement of staff spaces, and also creating adjacent learning and teaching spaces that will continue to improve the student experience at RMIT. Our ambition is not only to create and improve working accommodation for staff, but to also bring the School together under one roof as it is currently spread across a number of buildings.” Good-oh, but curiously there is no mention of staff offices.


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