Rest and relaxation of the day

QUT is gifting staff the four shut-down days between Christmas Eve and January 2

Under last year’s savings plan they were to be taken as annual leave. The university will also pay permanent and casual staff a bonus – amount is not announced but in 2018 FT staff got $1000 and casuals $500, and $500/$250 in ’19.

Australian Catholic U designates every Wednesday morning, the “weekly wellness break”

It “will provide a half day a week for you to focus on what you know makes you well … it might be a walk outdoors, an online fitness class, a coffee catch-up, reading a novel, or time spent in prayer or meditation,” Vice Chancellor Zlatko Skrbis tell staff.  (People with immoveable commitments can take their WWB at other times).

The break is in place for the rest of the year.