Research translation: it will take two to tango (have you ever seen bureaucrats dance)

The feds have ideas about how industry-uni cooperation on translational research can work – question is, will they keep them simple (CMM yesterday)

The augurs are not auspicious if there are any in a now being implemented plan to get bizoids and academics together. The National Priorities and Industry Linkage Fund is intended to “allocate block grants to universities to support enhanced engagement with universities and industry to produce job-ready graduates.”

And to work out how to do the allocating the government appointed a group of VCs, who came up with a proposal based on metricsmany, many metrics, including five principles applied to three indicators, each of which with three performance measures (CMM October 2).

So, how’s implementation going, CMM asked? “The department has been working closely with the sector to develop detailed administrative guidelines including requirements for universities,” the ever-informative Department of Education, Skills and Employment responds.

Good-o, but it takes two two to tango and NIPFL won’t work if industry partners decide it’s all too hard.