Research achievement: it’s all relative innit

The Regional Universities Network is ok with TEQSA’s proposed research threshold standards, as long as they recognise its members circumstances

The research standards are important to RUN –when the Coaldrake Review (on which the standards are largely based) came out there was speculation that some regional unis may not meet suggested targets for research performance by 2030 (CMM October 16 2019).

This went away, but nevertheless the lobby is keen for standards to adjust to university circumstances.

Thus, RUN recommends, “citation volume should be normalised for the size of the university in question. A measure such as the percentage of research productive staff per FTE staff in higher education at an institution would be appropriate.”  And it suggests. “consideration of the financial support for pursuit of research and the number of researchers at the regulated entity should be normalised for the size of the university in question.”

RUN also proposes, “the economic and social impact of a university within a region should be considered”.


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