Regulator releases assessment of Murdoch U international admission standards

Last week Murdoch U reported it had “satisfied a TEQSA compliance assessment”. Here’s what the regulator stated

The assessment followed allegations on ABC TV’s Four Corners in May 2019 regarding the university’s application of academic standards among international students, allegations which Murdoch U strenuously rejected.

Last week VC Eeva Leinonen told staff (CMM October 8); “during the course of the assessment, the university self-identified a number of areas that would benefit from improved document management, record keeping and other processes which we have implemented. Our analysis found there was no systemic misapplication of admissions criteria, however, there were some specific cases identified and we immediately implemented remedial changes.”

“I ampleased TEQSA acknowledged Murdoch’s continuing improvement agenda and the co-operation it has received during the process,” she said.

Late Friday the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency issued its statement of findings; “in light of the general public interest in the matters covered by the assessment.”

“TEQSA found that Murdoch had been at risk of non-compliance due to an inconsistent application of its own admissions practices, which resulted in the admission of some international students (in 2018) who were ill-equipped to progress through their course of study.

TEQSA is satisfied that Murdoch responded appropriately in addressing these issues, having:

* identified the causal and contributing factors that resulted in the admission of this cohort in 2018, and having implemented comprehensive changes to mitigate future risks

* subsequently demonstrated continuous improvement in relation to its international admissions practices in 2019 and 2020

* ensured the international students impacted were adequately supported.”