Reaction to Ramsay at UniQueensland

The University of Queensland tocsin did not sound Tuesday, well not loudly, following Monday evening’s release of VC Peter Hoj’s discussion paper on why Ramsay western civ centre degrees would be a good thing for the university, (CMM yesterday).

Certainly, the Keep Ramsay out of UQ Facebook page was back, arguing the Ramsay Centre’s core purpose was unacceptable and allowing it on campus would infringe academic freedom and independence. But overall there was no denounce-a-thon. While National Tertiary Education Union leader Andrew Bonnell said Monday Professor Hoj must make any MOU public overall there was no denounce-a-thon, with the union considered in its response.

Yesterday Associate Professor Bonnell called on the university to deliver on its “promise of transparency in negotiations with Ramsay,” adding institutional autonomy and academic freedom are “non-negotiable.” He also warned, “members are already expressing their concerns about the inclusion of the Ramsay Centre CEO on selection panels for staff teaching into the program.” The union also called on members to  meet in a fortnight, a bare week before management’s prescribed consultation closes.



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