Ramsay western civ unis recruiting students

But neither announces what mark makes the cut

Days after Uni Queensland announcing it was taking the Ramsay Western Civ Centre’s shilling ($50bn over eight years worth) it is out offering $30 000 per annum student scholarships for “academic high-achievers who desire to make a difference in the world,” by “undertaking a sequence of study in western civilisation.”

But how high-achieving people using their high school academic rank to apply need to be is not stated.

The  other Ramsay-partner, Uni Wollongongoriginally specified an ATAR of 95 but when CMM asked whether that universally applied, UoW responded, “we will not be making any announcements about the scholarship recipients until the completion of the student admissions process in early 2020.” Whatever the score, UoW has closed, applications, (there is an expression of interest list if there is a second round). Offers are expected next month.


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