Ramsay-funded western civ courses to roll out at Uni Queensland

The university will teach “an extended major” on western civilisation to the first of five annual intakes next year  

The Ramsay Centre for the Study of Western Civilisation will provide $50m over eight years to fund 150 students, ten academics and two support staff.  Content will be offered in either an hons bachelor degree in advanced humanities or a double degree, with law. Courses in the programme are here.

Scholarships set at $30 000 per annum are available to students completing Year 12 this year, or who completed last.

The university reiterates “the philanthropic agreement” is “consistent with the university’s policies and principles.” Uni Queensland joins Uni Wollongong in offering Ramsay-funded courses. Both go ahead despite previous vocal staff opposition, although not as vocal as at ANU and the University of Sydney where deals with Ramsay did not happen.


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