Ramsay degrees for Uni Queensland on-track

University of Queensland management’s long march towards a Ramsay Western Civ Centre programme continues, with Senate authorising Monday night Chancellor Peter Varghese and VC Peter Hoj to continue negotiating an MOU.

Where UoQ is now: Professor Hoj tells staff non-negotiable issues remain but also points at progress, stating the Ramsay Centre will include “a commitment to academic freedom” in a future agreement. He added senior academics in HASS and Law are looking at staff comment on the proposed degrees, “to consider what changes to the proposed curriculum are warranted.”

What happens next: Humanities and Social Sciences Dean Heather Zwicker tells staff there is a “small working party” on curriculum, with dedicated professional staff support. It will “reach out to experts as necessary in areas like music, gender, political theory, Indigenous history and scholarship, Australian studies, and any other essential areas. … One of their central responsibilities will be to build on the excellent curricular suggestions we heard within the faculty and across UQ.”

Professor Zwicker hopes a Ramsay degree will be ready for the HASS Board of Studies meeting on April 9 and reach Academic Board for the May 13 meeting, or failing that, July 1.


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