QUT awards lead appointments, achievements

Peter Noonan (Victoria U) receives the Vice Chancellor’s Career Achievement Award

Andreas Strasser and David Vaux (Walter and Eliza Hall) win the CSL Florey Medal for their research on cell death triggers in treating cancer

 The National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education announces its 2020 fellows

* David Eckstein (Swinburne U) * Tim Pitman (Curtin U), * Janine Delahunty (Uni Wollongong) * Andrea Simpson (La Trobe U)

QUT announces the VC awards for excellence

David Gardiner Teacher of the Year: James Duffy

Leadership: * Megan Campbell * Christopher Barner-Kowollik * Paula Dootson, Louise Hafner

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island leadership: Ali Drummond

Partnerships and engagement: * Anup Basu * Cassandra Cross * Giving Day Team (Phoebe Escott-Kenny, Claudia Steiner, Kimberley Hellberg, Ben Nicoll) * Cherbourg-QUT basic first aid programme (Debbie Duthie, Mark Brough, Jo Stephens):

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander excellence: * Melanie Saward * Bianca Hill-Jarro * Fiona Smallwood

Student learning and research: * Michael Mu, * Design for social impact (James Macaulay, Deanna Meth, Dean Brough, Melanie Finger)

Innovation and creative practice: * Aso Hajirasouli * Research Management Systems Upgrade/Business Process Management (Janne Barnes, Jeremy Gibson, Kanika Goel, Wasana Bandara) * Room 17 Goes Large ( Michael Whelan, Donna Hancox, Yanto Browning, Freya Wright-Brough, Emma-Lee Steindl, Moss McGregor, Sarah Stanke)

Service excellence: * Bree Smith *Kathryn Cameron * Tim Buckley * QUT Sport (Paula Stuart, Nicole Clayton, Michael Jordan, Adele Rose, Jacob Argent, Nicholas Lynch, Dylan Poulus, Casey Sims, Tom Fisher)

Teaching and research: * Ben Mathews, * Margaret Brereton, * Judith Howard

Student as partner: Lewis Holmes


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