Quiet on campus free speech code

Unis Australia liked what Mr French found but what he recommended, not so much

Robert French review of campus free speech was met with sepulchral silence yesterday. It was left to Universities Australia to say not much about Mr French’s deeply researched and closely argued proposal for universities to adopt his proposed voluntary code.

UA noted, that Mr French, “found claims of a free speech crisis are ‘not substantiated’” with other groups staying silent.

UA CEO Catriona Jackson went on to politely thank the former chief justice of Australia, “for his comprehensive and detailed approach” adding;

““Universities will give careful consideration to the recommendations in the 300-page report. However, we remain concerned that sector-wide legislative or regulatory requirements would be aimed at solving a problem that has not been demonstrated to exist and any changes could conflict with fundamental principles of university autonomy,” she said.

Given that Mr French proposed a voluntary free speech on campus code for universities perhaps Ms Jackson anticipates somebody else advocating it should be compulsory.


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