Quick time on Charles Darwin U’s march to a med school

VC Scott Bowman proposed one in October, he has set a cracking pace since

Understandably so, he wants a first in-take in 2023, initially with enough students to meet the NT’s need for interns (CMM October 5).

And so, in November CDU and the Menzies School of Health Research established a school of medicine, teaching health emergency preparedness and response (CMM November 17).

Since then there have been announcements of medicine related courses (pharmacy and audiology in recent weeks) and expert appointments. And now there is a 14-member “strategic board,” to advise on “ the design of a medical programme that is fit-for-purpose for the Northern Territory and Northern Australia.”

Chair is Len Notaras, ED of the Darwin-based National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre. Co-chairs are Donna Ah Chee (Central Australia Aboriginal Congress) and John Paterson (Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance, NT).  (Scroll down for the full board).