Questions asked VET can answer

It’s National Skills Week and for the first time in years the training community has good reason to hope for better times

Ministers are not best pleased with university lobbies opposing whatever the government proposes and after the research innovation agenda of Malcom Turnbull, Morrison ministers appear inclined to listen to VET advocates talking up trade training.

The Peter Shergold chaired review (yes, another one) of pathways for senior secondary students to study/work is another indication that policy thinking has moved on from ways to pay for demand driven funding for university places.

The review did not get much of a run when announced earlier this month, CMM certainly missed it, but it could make a considerable contribution to reinvigorating VET.

As federal education minister Dan Tehan put it; “we must ensure that all pathways are equally valued, and that our young people can access a secondary education that can equally prepare them for work, VET or higher education.”

The terms of reference include identifying best practice for school students transitioning to work/training/education, including; “career education and awareness that supports inclusion and includes information linked to labour market outcomes for all pathways”, “vocational education and training delivered to secondary students that leads to strong transitions” and “work-based learning and industry partnerships.”


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