Queensland unis expand influence in China HE

Queensland universities have combined to provide professional education to Chinese academics. Led by Abby Cathcart (QUT) academics from all the state’s universities, with Queensland government support, presented to 180 staff from 49 Chinese institutions, including Shanghai Jia Tong, at events in Hong Kong, Shendu and Shanghai. Queenslanders also worked with 60 Chinese academics applying to become Higher Education Academy fellows.

“I’ve been inundated with WeChat messages from new colleagues across China who are really excited to be part of the fast-growing global community of fellows and are already planning visits to Queensland and new research and teaching collaborations,” says Professor Cathcart, director of QUT’s Academy of Learning and Teaching.

“The program has created new communities of practice between Chinese and Queensland academics, and highlighted the benefits of HEA Fellowship in benchmarking teaching quality and rewarding those leading, delivering and supporting teaching,” she adds.

QUT has a long relationship with the British based Higher Education Academy, with the 500th QUT fellow announced in January. The university was one of HEAs original Australian affiliates.

This is a brilliant move by the Queenslanders. It enhances the state’s reputation in China’s universities and lays a foundation for professional development programmes run by and from Queensland universities as China moves to improve teaching quality.


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