QILT data way too late

It’s Open Day season, when universities sell themselves and prospective students have a chance to respond with hard questions – if they know what to ask

Which can make the student experience at every HE institution survey published as part of the marvellous Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching very useful indeed.

Except that this year QILT is not yet uncovered, even though institutions have had their results for six months or so and the feds said this year’s national report was due in June (CMM May 10).

To which (CMM advertiser) Studiosity’s executive chair  Jack Goodman responds,

“the QILT data is essential to the higher education sector, as well as to all of its stakeholders, especially the one million Australians who choose to pursue degrees at these institutions. It’s the only objective comparison information, and as such it is essential that it be available during critical decision-making times in the academic calendar.”

“It’s indisputable that the public is entitled to data that is collected using taxpayer funds, about public institutions, for public benefit,” he states.