Public VET providers do least worse

2020 enrolments in “nationally recognised” voced courses were 3.9m students, down 6.4 per cent on 2019

But the public sector’s share increased – students in government funded training was up 4.3 per cent to 1.3m (of a total of 3.9m).

The estimable National Centre for Vocational Education Research reports short-courses and stand-alone subjects drove the public provider growth.

As for private providers, Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia estimates a 9.1 per cent decline.

“Throughout Covid-19, we have had millions of Australians essentially locked in their homes unable to attend training colleges or work placements required as part of their training,” chief executive Troy Williams says.

“It is very disappointing that, in this environment, state and territory governments failed to allow funded skills training to be undertaken fully or partially online.”