Professors kick back: uni managers must be “credible academics”

Management supervising full professors “is only possible in a university system that has lost its way”

The Uni Sydney Association of Professors restrains their enthusiasm at the appointment of Mark Scott as next VC, “his extensive experience in media administration and NSW education may be an asset to the university in the challenging times ahead,” the association states.

But, there is a but, USAP adds, “public trust in universities is entirely dependent on the quality and integrity of academic research and teaching provided by its scholars.”

Manuel Graeber, one of USAPs own and president of the national association of professors explains why in his annual report to members – it’s in CMM Features this morning.

“There is a need for management at every university, but this management must serve to support the mission of research and teaching which are inseparable because cutting edge teaching requires teaching by researchers who work at the cutting edge. The idea to separate what is inseparable can only be born in the mind of people who have not understood either one.”

And he warns what can occur without “credible academics” managing.

“Management supervision for full professors? This is only possible in a university system that has lost its way and real purpose. Academics are not managed employees, and professors must be role models in the defence of this important position. Universities are not companies but have far more important functions in society than any company can have.”

The Australian Association of University Professors holds its AGM on Friday.