Private providers back compulsory COVID-19 shots

But some are more committed than others  

Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia surveyed members and 77 per cent supported mandatory vaccination of their staff.

It looks like the other 23 per cent are concentrated in states where COVID-19 lockdowns are not as regular. Support for compulsory vaccination was weakest in Tasmania (54 per cent plus), followed by SA (64 per cent) and Queensland 68 per cent.

But even in the plague states there are ITECA members who are are not on-board compulsory staff-jabs. Support is 82 per cent in NSW and 81 per cent in Victoria.

Overall 91 per cent of ITECA members are keen on a “gradual relaxation” of social distancing and on opening international borders when vaccine targets are met. Support ranges from 81 per cent in WA to 94 per cent in Victoria.

The survey occurred as ITECA discussed with government the implications for members of mandatory vaccinations. Student vax wasn’t on the agendas.


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