Price competition picks up in on-line biz degrees

RMIT announces an “accelerated on-line” MBA for study over “two years intensive part-time.” The course consists of 12 seven-week courses at $4 120 per unit and is FEE HELP eligible. “To realise your potential, you need a new kind of MBA,” RMIT announces.

The question is whether people will need it enough to pay close to twice the price of other on-line business masters. Curtin U and the University of Queensland have just announced on-line business masters  via edX.

UoQ is offering a leadership in service innovation – when the mandatory units in the university’s relevant micromasters are included the final price is $25 000. Curtin’s masters of marketing lists at $32 000, but completing the university’s relevant micromasters’ units translates to a 22 per cent discount.


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