Pre-emptive protection for whistleblowers

The NTEU is prepared for an international student standards scandal

The executive of the National Tertiary Education Union has signed-off on a statement of principals for any case where members at a university allege international students are enrolled despite inadequate English or pre-reqs for a course.

The union’s leadership warns universities should not use international enrolments to make up for inadequate public funding; “NTEU remains concerned that government and sector policy initiatives that seek to increase reliance on international student fee income expose both institutions and the sector more broadly to unacceptable risk. Further, increased reliance on international student fee income provides an environment in which the exploitation of students is more likely.”

And it warns, “universities must enact policies that provide for and promote institutional and legislative whistle-blower protections. NTEU will vigorously defend members who make disclosures in the public interest and suffer the threat of adverse consequences.”


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