Practical plan for polluting plastics

UWA PhD candidate Andrew Forrest proposes a price on plastic containers to make recycling them economic

He makes his case in a Ted Talk  here.  “Quarter of a cent, half a cent. It will be absolutely minimal. But what it does, it makes every bit of plastic all over the world an article of value. Where you have the waste worst, say Southeast Asia, India, that’s where the wealth is most.”

But what does this bloke know? Quite a bit actually;

“I have taken two multi-billion dollar operations from nothing, recognising that the technology can be scaled. I see at least a dozen technologies in plastic to handle all types of plastic. So once those technologies have an economic margin, which this gives them, that is where the global public will get all their plastic from, from existing plastic.”

Yes, that Andrew, as in Twiggy, Forrest.


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