Postgrads call for income-support and fee regulation

The peak postgraduate body,  CAPA is calling for income-support to be extended to postgraduates. “A limited and patchwork income support system is in place, where domestic postgraduate coursework students may be eligible for study payments only if their course is listed as the minimum, fastest, or only pathway to gain an entry-level qualification for their profession,” the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations states in it’s budget submission.

“The government invests in research training, yet many research students withdraw from their studies or exit academia upon completion due to financial stress. Easing the burden by providing income support would also enable research students to become more productive researchers by reducing their need,” CAPA claims. The submission builds on a  discussion paper last October.

The council also calls for “some form of price regulation for postgraduate degrees”. This would reduce student debt and “assist the government in making budget savings by reducing the amount of money that they would otherwise have loaned.”


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