Plaudits for peer reviewing as UofQ leads the world

The purpose of Publons is for academics to demonstrate their achievement as peer reviewers and to present their pre-publication work assessing manuscripts as “research outputs’. Small reward for the unsung-scholarship peer reviewing requires to be sure, but Publons praise is way better than nothing. So here’s to the 2017 Publons awards of the paragons of peer reviewing, announced this week.

The US leads the national list with 58 000 peer reviews, followed by the UK with 22 000, Italy at 18 530, just ahead of Australia with 18 380.

And Australia leads the institutions with the most peer reviewers in the world with four in the top ten.

Publons records the University of Queensland as the global number one for peer reviewing with 2467 reviews. The University of Sydney is second with 1672, the University of Melbourne is fourth with 1357 and Monash U is ninth with 1357.

Other ANZ universities in the world top 30 are; the University of Auckland (13th), UNSW (16th), University of Otago (22nd) and Macquarie U (29th).

The top Australian peer reviewers for this year are:

Dong-Shen Jeng, civil engineering, Griffith U, with 371 reviews! He is followed by:

Samuel Asumadu-Sarkodie, environmental science, Macquarie U,

Nicholas Chileshe, construction, University of South Australia,

Nathan Lawrentschuk, University of Melbourne, surgery,

Neal M. Ashkanasy, University of Queensland, business,

Henry Woo, University of Sydney, surgery,

Nam-Trung Nguyen, Griffith University, nanotechnology,

Fengwei (David) Xie, chemical engineering, University of Queensland,

Manoj Kahndelwal, engineering and IT, Federation University,

P J Blackall, agriculture, University of Queensland.


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