Plan to empower professors

There’s a new national association of professors – it’s members are keen to help

The Uni Sydney association of professors kick-started the national body, with a conference last year that considered the possibility of a national association “that government could consult” (CMM October 16 2018).

The national body now has chapters at Deakin U, James Cook U, Macquarie U, RMIT, Swinburne U, Uni New England – and Uni Sydney.

It is circulating a proposed ten-point manifesto to members, which includes, student support, the teaching and research nexus, public funding to ensure university autonomy and peer review of research productivity.

The draft also emphasises leadership by professors, for example; “universities should be led by a distinguished and respected scholar who regularly consults with the professoriate on the running of the university” and “academics should be effectively engaged in university governance, with the professoriate providing leadership of disciplines, acting as mentors, and promoting academic values.”

The idea of a freedom of expression statement is also suggested.


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