PhDs: longer-lasting than the business cycle

With applied research where the federal funding interest is HE lobbies are spruiking their commercial credentials. Simon Handley (Macquarie U) isn’t enthusiastic

“A university is not just a means to an end; its purpose should be linked to more than the delivery of outcomes that may have value in the present, but with no intrinsic importance independent of the objectives it delivers. Instead, the value of a university lies in engendering, developing and supporting reason, inquiry and open debate, where scholars and students are free to speculate and explore ideas and thoughts independent of application, opinion or direction,” the PVC HRD Training and Partnerships, told the Macquarie U community yesterday,

“Whilst the future for universities will undoubtedly involve a renewed focus on innovation and industry engagement that will extend to research degrees, a PhD will continue to be judged solely on the unique contribution it makes to our understanding of the world.”