Performance funding for educ faculties not dead yet

The previous government wanted performance funding for teacher education providers – the idea is not dead yet

Back in February a report to the then federal government proposed funding incentives and  allocation of student places for initial teacher education providers on the basis of performance (CMM February 25)

It was the unfortunately acronymed Quality Initial Teacher Education Review which then acting minister Stuart Robert apparently thought included splendid ideas. And so he announced the Teacher Education Quality Assurance Expert Panel to advise on implementing them– to be chaired by Uni Sydney VC Mark Scott, (presumably because as a former DG of NSW Education he knows a bit about it).

Since then there has not been a dickybird. But QITER and the Scott Panel are not in the limbo of lost proposals by previous governments.

The Department of Education states that the review and the panel “will be considered as part of the education ministers meeting on August 12.”