Pay to park or pay to ride at Macquarie U

Macquarie U has a new digital parking system for staff – just as the railway returns

Late last year the university rolled out app-based pay-as-you-go parking for students and from May staff will pay on-line for a virtual permit, tied to electronic identification of licence plates. Sounds expensive – which has people wondering what permits will cost, new rates for staff, and students, are expected next month.  A monthly permit, now costs for $40, a snip compared to across town UNSW where people earning over $55 000 pay $1947 a year for an un-reserved spot.

Cynics suggest that productivity improving technology will come with a price rise, but what can you expect from cynics? Optimists point out the Macquarie U railway station is on the new super-duper metro northwest, which is expected to open mid-year.


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