Parliamentary inquiry proposed into Uni Tas

There’s a motion for the Legislative Council for an inquiry into the university’s act of parliament

Specifics Rob Valentine (Independent-Hobart) want a committee to investigate include, “the constitution, roles, powers and obligations of the university’s council and academic senate, protections for university freedom under the university’s incorporating act” and “its appropriateness to ensure accountable  executive, fiscal and academic decision making.”

And then there is an opportunity for opponents of the university’s relocation into Hobart CBD to get stuck in, with a term of reference for “any other matters incidental thereto.”

To all of which Vice Chancellor Rufus Black responds, “we expect and welcome scrutiny and feedback … we look forward to supporting the work of the Legislative Council in any way we can.”

The university is under attack on three broad issues (CMM March 29), all of which the proposed committee’s terms of reference could cover,

* a new teaching model that all but abolishes regular lectures in the traditional format

* freedom of comment, including claims there are non-disclosure agreement in staff separation packages. (MLC Meg Webb is already on this, asking questions in the Council and direct to Professor Black)

* the controversial move from Sandy Bay to the CBD, both the relocation itself and the way the university is managing the process

The proposed committee includes Liberal, Labor and independent MLCs, making Council approval likely when the motion is proposed on May 24.