Pandemic makes China student entry nothing but political

At yesterday’s COVID-19 briefing Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer Brendan Murphy was asked the regular question about allowing students into Australia from overseas. The context has changed

He said the committee of state and commonwealth medical officers was going to look at it.

But Professor Murphy added, “I think the feeling is that provinces outside of Hubei and China are seemingly more under control, but we have to be very confident about the data before we accept that. So, if there’s any more relaxation it would be very gentle and under the supervision of the state public health authorities, but that’s a decision for the government to make, on the medical advice, would be that we should be fairly cautious at the moment.”

Good-o, but on the day when “pandemic” started turning up in commentary, with suggestions people start stockpiling tinned food, the community might not be ready for opening access to students from China. It is indeed a decision for government.