Overblown exam over-sight

Monash U relaxes on exam and assessments

“It’s our education and research quality which attracts our students to study with us. We are working to ensure your degree is still delivered to the highest standard of academic integrity,” DVC E Susan Elliott tells students.

She then sets out a range of changes to suit the times.

withdrawal: students can now withdraw from a unit after the exam, so no fail grades appears on academic transcripts or counts to the grade point average/weighted average mark

no invigilated exams: unless required to “ensure academic integrity

on-line exam supervision: using external overseers is off and using Monash U staff is on, with student details and event-recording kept secure.

Uni Queensland students want no external oversight of on-line exams

The student union is unhappy with the way private provider Proctor U wants to monitor people sitting remote exams, using the camera in students’ computers and recording bibliometric data. According to the union, Proctor U will retain the data.

“We understand that these are unprecedented and difficult times, and that academic integrity is an important concern for both the university and UQU. However, filming students in their homes and allowing third party corporations to store and commodify their personal data crosses the line