Over and out on talks at Victoria U

Last week the university announced the end of negotiations with the campus union on a joint approach to savings

VU management and the campus branch of the National Tertiary Education Union were talking terms for a trade-off of savings on staff costs, in return for a guarantee to protect a specified number of jobs.

Last Friday, VC Peter Dawkins said talks were off. The union replied it had still options to put on outstanding issues, notably any possibility of involuntary redundancies, (CMM September 18).  But off meant over and out yesterday. Professor Dawkins told staff the university, would “commence the process to mitigate our financial challenges … following the unfortunate outcome of the discussions with the NTEU.”

There’s no detail other than whatever is to happen will be over two years and that there will be a “voluntary separation programme.”

The NTEU responds it is “disappointed” and remains open to discussing ways the University can save money “without having to resort to large staffing reductions.”