On the agenda for qualifications framework review

The Australian Qualifications Framework review panel is out consulting and, perhaps to ensure people focus on really wonky questions, is circulating FAQs on the big-picture issues, including:

social and enterprise skills: “The panel wants to test whether there is benefit in developing and maintaining a set of social and enterprise skills (including definitions) that could be referenced and applied in the development of individual qualifications – or other approaches.

shorter form credentials: “The focus of the AQF should remain on full qualifications. However, in the context of renewed focus on the importance of lifelong learning and rapid re-skilling, the key issue is whether or not the AQF (and other international frameworks) should provide guidance on how shorter form credentials could be recognised

credit points: “As the AQF was developed as a loose and largely sector based qualification system, it has not included a credit point system. … the approach suggested by the panel for testing through consultations and submissions is to develop an optional credit point system that providers could use as a benchmark, like a system of ‘currency exchange’. “


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