On-line VET: it can work for those who want it

There is not a lot of on-line VET (less than 10 per cent) and completion rates are 10 per cent lower than for other modes of delivery, according to the Estimable National Centre for Vocational Education Research 

But Tabatha Griffin and Mandy Mihelic  report that it can work for those who want it to;

“While subject withdrawal rates are higher and course completion rates lower for courses delivered entirely online, the outcomes for those students who do complete tend to be broadly similar to those from other delivery modes. While graduates of online courses tend to be slightly less satisfied with various elements of their training, in many cases they had better employment outcomes than those graduates who completed their course via other delivery modes.”

And formal courses are not the only way VET students learn on-line.  In 2017, NCVER research by Victor Callan and Margaret Johnston found, “trade teachers in apprenticeship programs reported that their apprentices were major users of YouTube, as the videos show the performance of practical skills, often over several steps,”


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