Old news from TEQSA is good news

TEQSA announced yesterday that it will look at, “student wellbeing and safety standards” in considering registration renewals by higher education providers.

What, the wellbeing and safety standards in the Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards), which became law in October 2015, you ask. Those are the one’s CMM replies.

“After the release of recent research, surveys and media reports revealing the extent of sexual assault and sexual harassment at Australian universities, the higher education regulator is seeking assurance that all providers are fostering safe environments and supporting students in need,” TEQSA said.

Good.  Standard 2.3. (3) states, “a safe environment is promoted and fostered, including by advising students and staff on actions they can take to enhance safety and security on campus and online.” “Advising” does not sound so tough, but “promoted and fostered” gives the regulator ample authority in assessing standards. And with the power to do it on the books since 2015 no one will be able to say they didn’t see it coming.


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