Oh good, another research performance metric

The University Ranking by Academic Performance is out

URAP is produced by people at the Informatics Institute of the Middle East Technical University, in Ankara. The ranking uses Web of Science data for institutions listed in inCite and is based on factors including number of articles, citation and impact.

The results it produces are broadly in-line, certainly at the top-end, with other research-output based rankings. This year’s Australian results are much the same as for the last two. The local top ten is;

Uni Sydney is 24th in the world (24th last year and 26th in 2018), Uni Melbourne – 25th (23rd and 30th), Uni Queensland – 35th (35th and 40th), Monash U – 37th (39th and 53rd), UNSW – 42nd (44th and 60th), UWA – 11th (110th and 106th), ANU – 135th (134th and 130th), Uni Adelaide – 143rd (144th, 157th), Curtin U – 206th (220th, 249th), Griffith U – 245th (264th and 269th).

There’s a bunch right behind them in the global top 300 – QUT – 249th, UTS– 250th, Deakin U – 268th, Uni Wollongong – 282 and Macquarie U – 284th.