NZ to international students: come to learn not live

New Zealand to open borders, with a “full resumption of international education”

The government announced yesterday visa applications will now be accepted from August 1.  But it was quick to state that the intent was to “attract students to New Zealand to learn, while also shutting the backdoor route to residency.”

Restrictions on student visas will include,

* no post-study work rights for non-degree students, except in skilled or in-demand occupations

* the existing three year working rights for bachelor grads and other eligible students will drop to the equivalent of the time they spent in study. Postgrads keep the three years

* and there will be no second post-study visa.

Education Minister Chris Hipkins added the government rejected the now Opposition’s approach in office of, “volume over value …  that became a backdoor to residency for lower-skilled and lower-paid migrant workers, who were then at risk of exploitation.”

The government announced Monday a 38 000 apprenticeship “boost.”