NSW universities ready to roll on international arrivals

There’s a structure in-place to organise returns if there’s a tick from Minister Tudge (CMM Friday)

Barney Glover (Western Sydney U and chair of Unis NSW) says the state’s universities are ready to roll-out a custom-created portal for international students now overseas who want to come back.

It will launch if the state quarantine scheme announced by NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet is approved by Canberra (CMM Friday).

As to which sorts of students will get the nod, each university’s share will be based on their proportion of international enrolments. Individual institutions will make their own call of which categories of close to completing, and research students, are offered seats on charter flights. Professor Glover says allied-health students are a priority for Western Sydney U.  The University of Newcastle is believed to be keen to bring back medicine students now in Singapore. Last week Uni Sydney told its internationals, people “who must undertake face-to-face learning to complete their degrees will be prioritised.”

Professor Glover says there are hopes of several thousand students returning by year end, with commercial flights following the original charters.

All now depends on the Commonwealth approving the plan – notably the quarantine site, being handled state government.