NSW Productivity Commission calls for recognition of micro-credentials

Hopefully this will not kill off the idea

In the productivity commissions’ tradition of ideas that make policy sense but make politicians nervous, a new report from the NSW PC proposes “support the development of voluntary systems of trust and recognition for micro-credentials with, for example, alignment to Australian Qualifications Framework levels or the adoption of ‘credit points’ standards.”

This fits the Noonan Review of the AQF suggestion that, “recognising shorter form credentials, including micro-credentials through credit and recognised prior learning would build on current practice.”

Problem is how to make it happen. The Commonwealth adopted all the Noonan Review recommendations on higher education and backed those on training, which need states and territories support (CMM December 10 2019) but not a lot has happened since.

It needs to – the fundamental importance of, and the need to act on, the AQF Review was a theme at last week’s CMM co-sponsored Needed Now in Teaching and Learning conference.

Perhaps somebody should black-out the NSW PC letterhead and send the proposal to skills minister Stuart Robert.