Now, that’s a hack!

If ANU and RMIT were in a world of pain when hacked the University of California must be in a galaxy of grief

U CAL tells its community that “like several hundred other institutions” it’s records are hacked due to “vulnerability” in supplier Accellion’s file-transfer application.

This is beyond-bad, as UCal explained Monday, “we believe the stolen information includes but is not limited to names, addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates, Social Security numbers and bank account information for a range of UC populations, including employees and their dependents and beneficiaries, retirees and their beneficiaries, students and their families, and potentially other individuals with connections to UC.”

As to who is hacked, it appears U Cal does not know, stating it is, “investigating the incident and working to identify affected individuals.”

But to be safe it urges everybody, “to take immediate action to protect themselves,” including using free credit monitoring and identity theft protection provided by a university contractor.

But people not inclined to trust any UCal emails or webpages should contact university information security – presumably in person.