Now or later: which higher degree researchers to help

Macquarie U HDR researchers are doing it tough, what with COVID-19 caused loss of income and research delays

So, students and supervisors are calling on the university to help, by offering a six-month extension of candidatures and stipends. “We are asking for compassionate, equitable, and long-term solutions that reflect the invaluable position Macquarie HDR students are repeatedly told we hold within the community.”

The feds have no problem with extensions for people with Research Training Programme funding, “whose research activities have been materially adversely impacted by coronavirus restrictions.” As long as Canberra does not have to cough up – institutions are to roll-over existing RTP funds from this year to next, (CMM May 11).

So, if Macquarie U has some spare cash it wants to spend on HDR extensions all is well, otherwise it’s a choice between supporting existing students and delaying/reducing the next intake.