Now for the hard part at CSU

The university has been telling staff it is in deficit and needs to change – and now the job shedding process starts

Acting VC John Germov briefed staff Tuesday that courses would be cut and there would be changes “to staffing structures.” He didn’t leave people hanging – announcing Wednesday there will be a two-stage organisation review, with services on first, followed by faculties later this year.

First-up 100-110 FTE positions, “are identified for potential redundancy.” How many actual people will go and whether voluntarily or not does not appear settled. Some FTEs are split among part-timers and management is said to be flexible on staff people reducing hours, early retirements and so-on, as set out in the university’s enterprise agreement. Professor Germov says the university will, “offer voluntary redundancies in limited circumstances.”

Multiple models of a new structure are expected to be out for consultation next week.